Sample Y'shua



Y'shua Ha Mashiach
"Jesus the Messiah"

The message of Y'shua's life is an offering for all. It continues to have a profound impact on children and adults, saved and unsaved alike. LWM has designed a simple presentation, in hopes that every individual will experience
the simplicity of the salvation message Y'shua has for today.

“Y’shua Ha Mashiach” (Jesus the Messiah) is a gospel concert experience incorporating video, drama, dance and original narrations along with an original musical score and over 120 Scripture references to create a truly one of a kind, multi-media presentation of the gospel.  The intent of the presentation is to share that His life, ministry and His death were never about Him, it was always about God's compassion, love and sacrifice for us.

In 2004 We were privileged to receive permission from ICON Productions as well as the producers of the
Visual Bible to utilize video clips from "The Passion of the Christ" and the "Matthew" series in the presentation
of Y'shua Ha Mashiach. These video clips along with the original music score, narrations and Scripture make for
a very powerful presentation.

We are excited about the potential of seeing many people impacted by the good news of “Y’shua Ha Mashiach” (Jesus the Messiah.) Partnering with local churches, we hope to present Y’shua as an outreach to the world. 

For more information on how you can bring “Y’shua Ha Mashiach” to your community or church, please contact Stephanie Lane at 406 933-5389 or email us at livingworship@hotmail.com.


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